Contribute to IIoT Connection

Interested in contributing to IIoT Connection? Please review our submission guidelines before contacting us with a pitch:

  1. Target length is 700-800 words.
  2. Column must be exclusive to IIoT Connection. We ask that authors not publish the submitted columns in other related publications for one month before and after publication in IIoT Connection. One week for company/association blogs.
  3. We’re looking for contributors who are subject matter experts. We try not to run pieces from marketing or sales personnel.
  4. We put a high value on pointed columns that deal with a specific issue or pain point. Bonus points for staking out a controversial argument.
  5. No self-promotion. “I” not “we;” no company mentions, etc. Company will be mentioned and linked from the bio, but that’s it.
  6. Referencing op-eds or articles from other publications is fine, but please do not build your column around something that appeared elsewhere.
  7. We’re looking for high-level thought leadership and authenticity. If at the end of the column, we feel like we’ve just been (sales) pitched, we will pass.

If this all looks good to you, please contact us with your topic idea and your credentials to start a discussion about possibly contributing to IIoT Connection. If you would like to work on a brand-specific contribution, please contact Danny Foster at

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