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Press Release | July 17 2019 2:45 pm

PGE unveils first-of-its-kind ‘Smart Grid Testbed’

U.S. utility Portland General Electric has launched a first of its kind project that will integrate smart grid technologies at a very large scale ...
IIOT | July 15 2019 6:10 pm

MAN, DSME and HSD Engine Sign Agreement to Cooperate on Marine Engine Digitization

MAN Energy Solutions, Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME) and HSD Engine (HSD) have signed a strategic agreement to cooperate in the ...
Sonal Patel | July 11 2019 10:18 am

Fully Digital Nuclear I&C Upgrade Gets ‘Unprecedented’ NRC License

A fully digital nuclear reactor instrumentation and control system (I&C)–the first of its kind in the U.S.–at a Purdue University ...
Press Release | July 10 2019 7:29 am

Digital leader ABB provides Enel Green Power with predictive software for sustainable hydro operations

ABB is partnering with Enel Green Power to deliver innovative predictive maintenance solutions that will lower maintenance costs and transform the ...
Press Release | July 9 2019 9:21 am

Stem, Syncarpha Capital Partner on Solar+Storage

MILLBRAE, Calif. – July 9, 2019 – Stem, Inc., the global leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven energy storage services, announced a new ...
Casey Herman | July 1 2019 12:00 am

How to Position Your Power Company for the Future

Faced with the challenge of making the right moves to accommodate a swiftly changing energy ecosystem, one question draws into sharp focus for ...

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Gerald Ondrey | July 1 2019 12:00 am

Thyssenkrupp introduces artificial intelligence 'alfred'

Thyssenkrupp Materials Services GmbH (Essen, Germany; www.thyssenkrupp-materials-services.com) continues to drive digital transformation. Since early ...
Eric Leivo | July 1 2019 12:00 am

Drivers for Advanced Distribution Management Systems

There are many reasons for utilities to invest in Advanced Distribution Management Systems, particularly as more renewable resources are utilized and ...
Aaron Larson | June 26 2019 5:33 pm

How to Monitor and Predict Operational Performance with Digital Analytics [PODCAST]

Power plants are capturing operational data in ever-increasing amounts. However, analyzing all the data can be challenging. A number of tools are ...
IIOT | June 21 2019 5:22 pm

Schneider Electric Launches First Smart Factory in U.S.

Schneider Electric last week launched the first smart factory in the U.S. to demonstrate in real time how its EcoStruxure architecture and related ...
IIOT | June 21 2019 5:16 pm

University of Texas at Arlington Working to Develop Nanophotonic Devices

A research team from The University of Texas at Arlington is working with the Army Research Laboratory to develop nanophotonic devices that could ...
Press Release | June 20 2019 1:10 pm

Nrby Announces New Features to Enhance and Drive Disaster Recovery Scenarios

Nashua, NH, June 20, 2019 – Nrby, the only mobile workforce collaboration platform powered by SmartPins, today announced an upgrade designed ...
Sonal Patel | June 14 2019 10:12 am

TRITON/TRISIS Cyberattacker Has a New Target: Power Sector

XENOTIME, a cyberthreat activity group thought responsible for TRISIS/TRITON malware attacks on safety instrumented systems (SIS) at an oil and gas ...
IIOT | June 13 2019 2:42 am

Augmented Reality for Industry

How can organisations deploy augmented reality (AR) at scale, solve meaningful business problems with the technology and embrace industry 4.0, as a ...
Sonal Patel | June 12 2019 4:57 pm

GE Launches New Analytics Technologies to Boost Grid Efficiency 

General Electric (GE) has rolled out a new portfolio of predictive analytics that could allow utilities to use data from transmission and ...
IIOT | June 11 2019 4:43 pm

Augmented Reality for Renewables

Solar inverter specialist SolarEdge is deploying augmented reality (AR) technology to show off distributed energy's real-world capabilities. It's now ...
By Stephane Daeuble, Nokia | June 11 2019 4:39 pm

Artificial Intelligence for Industry

Particularly in sectors that rely heavily on operational technology (OT) such as manufacturing, transportation, energy and healthcare, enterprises ...
IIOT | June 11 2019 3:30 pm

NSF Award to Research Cloud Computing Given to UB Assistant Professor

Karthik Dantu, an Indian American assistant professor at the University of Buffalo, was recently honored with a National Science Foundation ...
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