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Judy Mathias | November 10 2020 1:49 pm

AI tool detects COVID-19 by listening to patients’ coughs

Editor’s Note Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, have developed an artificial intelligence (AI) ...
IIOT | October 30 2020 3:52 pm

Printing Wearable Sensors Directly onto Skin

Wearable sensors are evolving from watches and electrodes to bendable devices that provide far more precise biometric measurements and ...
Judy Mathias | October 21 2020 1:04 pm

Researchers use AI to diagnose COVID-19 in chest x-rays

Editor’s Note Researchers from the University of Minnesota and M Health Fairview are using artificial intelligence (AI) to detect ...
Judy Mathias | October 12 2020 12:52 pm

AI, robots to transform hospitals' resilience to COVID-19, future disasters

Editor’s Note Leandro Pecchia, PhD, associate professor of biomedical engineering at the University of Warwick, Coventry, UK, has ...
IIOT | August 24 2020 9:06 am

Embracing New Technologies for Patient Care

Digital is no longer a differentiator for healthcare organizations. In order to stay competitive and address a host of new challenges, ...
Judy Mathias | August 6 2020 2:14 pm

NIH harnesses power of AI for COVID-19 diagnosis, treatment

Editor’s Note The National Institutes of Health (NIH) on August 5 announced the launch of the Medical Imaging and Data Resource ...

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Judy Mathias | August 4 2020 12:14 pm

AI program can detect COVID-19 in 1 hour

Editor’s Note The Curial AI test, an artificial intelligence (AI) program developed at the University of Oxford, UK, can identify ...
Cal Biesecker | July 16 2020 9:02 pm

U.S., U.K., Canada Say Russian Intelligence Targeting COVID-19 Vaccine Development

The U.S., Canada and the United Kingdom on Thursday issued a joint advisory warning that a Russian cyber espionage group that is likely ...
IIOT | July 13 2020 8:59 am

2020 Begins as a Banner Year for Digital Health M&As

Economic downturns and catastrophic events canoften prompt market consolidation, so perhaps it’s no great surprise that the first ...
Judy Mathias | June 29 2020 11:42 am

Researchers use AI to build COVID-19 predictions

Editor’s Note Researchers at Binghamton University, State University of New York, are using data collected from around the world by ...
Judy Mathias | June 24 2020 12:17 pm

Researchers design COVID-19 knowledge base, risk assessment tool powered by AI

Editor’s Note Researchers from Florida Atlantic University's College of Engineering and Computer Science and Schmidt College of ...
Judy Mathias | June 18 2020 2:05 pm

Cleveland Clinic develops COVID-19 risk calculator

Editor’s Note The Cleveland Clinic announced June 15 that its researchers have developed the world's first model to predict the ...
Rachel Jewett | May 29 2020 2:48 pm

Ligado Receives $100M in New Investments 

Ligado Networks has received more than $100 million in new investments for its work to build 5G Internet of Things (IoT) networks, the ...
Jeffrey Hill | May 20 2020 5:15 pm

ATIS Urges U.S. Government, Industry Collaboration on 6G Strategy

The Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS) has issued a call-to-action statement urging U.S. government agencies, ...
IIOT | May 18 2020 8:53 am

COVID-19 Spurs Digital Health Innovations

An unexpected consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic is that governments everywhere are having to rethink the role of digital technology in ...
Cal Biesecker | May 13 2020 5:54 pm

FBI, DHS Warn Of Chinese Cyber Hacking Against U.S. COVID-19 Research

China is using cyber means to target and compromise U.S. organizations involved in healthcare research related to countering the ongoing ...
Judy Mathias | May 12 2020 1:39 pm

AI diagnostic predicts COVID-19 without testing

Editor’s Note In this study, researchers at the Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston; King's College, London; and health ...
Judy Mathias | May 7 2020 2:40 pm

AI identifies COVID-19 in chest x-rays

Editor’s Note A new study from researchers in Hong Kong finds that the MAIL2.0 nowcast artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm, which ...
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